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Convert SAX to JDOM

Chuyển SAX thành DOM.

package convert;

import java.io.File;

import java.io.FileInputStream;

import java.io.IOException;

import org.jdom.Document;

import org.jdom.JDOMException;

import org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder;

import org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter;

public class SAX2JDOM {

File file;

public SAX2JDOM(File file) {

this.file = file;


public Document convert() throws JDOMException, IOException {

SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();

Document doc = builder.build(new FileInputStream(file));

return doc;


public static void main(String[] args){

String xmlFile="xmlfiles/books.xml" ;

File file = new File(xmlFile);

SAX2JDOM tester = new SAX2JDOM(file);

Document doc = tester.convert();

XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter();


}catch (Exception e) {






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